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In-Stock & Ready to Ship...
In-Stock & Ready to Ship...
Sophisticated Dining Room with Leather Chair

Sophisticated Streak

  • Mezula Oyster / Upholstered Back
    Mezula Oyster / Upholstered Back

    Oscar Dining Chair


    This hourglass silhouette and curvaceous dining chair with unique studded detailing and tapered cerused ash legs from Reagan Hayes is the perfect c...

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  • all

    Louis Dining Table - Round


    Exuding both elegance and boldness whilecomplementing any interior space. A confident piece constructed with a round handcrafted black marble top w...

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  • Small - 72" W x 40" D x 30" H
    Large - 86.5" W x 45" D x 30.5" H

    Shield Dining Table


    Undoubtedly a statement piece, the Shield Dining Table features twin, tapered, pedestal legs supporting a rounded, rectangle top crafted from beech...

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  • 3.69E+13

    Calvin Cross Dining Table


    Striking and functional, this elegant oak dining table, finished with beautiful structural detailing, is the ideal addition to any contemporary sty...

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  • Harry Velvet Storm
    Harry Velvet Storm
    Coming soon!

    Cersie Dining Chair


    Quintessentially transitional; this low-backed upholstered dining chair provides supportive seating, with vertical pleated stitch detailing which a...

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  • Fallon White / Mirrored Brass
    Fallon White / Mirrored Brass

    Art Dining Arm Chair


    The Art Dining Chair incorporates aspects of industrial design; celebrating, rather than hiding, its exoskeleton frame and visible screw heads. An ...

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  • Coming soon!

    Jaxson Credenza - 4 Door


    This spacious credenza exudes clean-lined, contemporary elegance. A sleek, polished nickel cross base tapers inwards underneath the table, and is p...

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  • White Lacquer
    White Lacquer

    Diaz Nightstand


    A perfect balance of form and finish, this vintage-inspired piece is modernized with tapered legs, stainless steel legs and a white, inset glass to...

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  • Small - 40" W x 18" D x 30" H
    Large - 18" W x 60" D x 45" H

    Xavier Coffee Table


    Striking and conversational. An elegant hexagonal coffee table made entirely from metal and crafted with black sheet aluminum, finished with precis...

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  • Vinci Bench


    This contemporary bench epitomizes a perfect balance between classic and contemporary; blending traditional, intricate, hand-tufted upholstery with...

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  • B

    Silver Leaf Palm Tree


    Evoking all the glamour of the iconic Californian coastline, this piece features a striking monochromatic photograph of palm trees, reverse printed...

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  • 120v US
    120v US
    Coming soon!

    Spiral Rivoli


    Named for the iconic street in the City of Lights, this chandelier alludes to pure Parisian style, with a contemporary twist. Crafted from a uniqu...

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  • 36915799523478

    Spiral Acrylic - 7 Layer


    A signature Nellcote Studio piece, this light was created to be a mobile luminaire sculpture for the home. Crafted from a unique combination of pol...

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  • 36915794935958

    One Scoop Lamp


    Nellcote Studio's cheeky take on a classic table lamp features a cylindrical base, topped with a scoop of marble.

  • Black / Gold / 120v US
    Black / Gold / 120v US

    Bubble Bubble


    Known for casting a creative glow on each of their handcrafted light fixtures, Nellcote Studio imparted the same artistic persuasion to the Bubble ...

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  • Nickel / 120v US
    Nickel / 120v US

    Beacon Of Light


    Minimal, sleek and modern, and finished in brushed brass or stainless steel, the Beacon of Light series offers striking lighting for contemporary s...

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  • Small - 36" W x 3" D x 36" H
    Large - 48" W x 3" D x 48" H

    Marcy Mirror


    The Marcy mirror is an elegant and simple piece. Incorporating a stainless steel sheet frame in an elegant nickel finish, this round mirror complem...

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  • Ray Table Lamp


    With its fluid, polished stainless steel curves, the Ray Table Lamp lends artful energy to a space.

  • 36915783139478

    Marilyn Chandelier


    Kelly’s luxe revival of a traditional chandelier incorporates multi-tiered rings of oversized, cascading metallic sheets of stainless steel finishe...

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  • 36945948835990

    Brando Pendant


    A unique, parabolic pendant light; a metal coil provides a hint of industrial chic, and juxtaposes beautifully with the delicate glass shade.

  • Polished Brass / 120v US
    Polished Brass / 120v US

    Barnie Pendant


    Feminine and sleek, the Barnie hanging pendant suspends a round lightbulb between two metal sheets, generating a beautiful soft glow as it peers ou...

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  • Crystal Ring


    A contemporary piece that adds instant drama to any space,featuring a photograph of a taupe colored crystal geode printed on glass.

  • C

    Black & White Palm Leaves


    A contemporary piece that adds instant drama to any space, featuring a black and white photograph of palm leaves, mounted within a satin black soli...

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  • Black & White Flowers - Glass Float


    A contemporary piece that adds instant drama to any space, featuring a black and white photograph of a flower, suspended in a glass.