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5-step Guide to Home Exercise Using Furniture

5-step Guide to Home Exercise Using Furniture

Summer is around the corner. For a lot of people, this means it’s time to shed the winter layers, perhaps even some winter weight. 

However, costly gym memberships, gym phobia, COVID restrictions and more, could make it difficult to shed that winter weight. 

Fortunately, there are many exercises able to be done from the comfort of your own home. We’ve put together a 5-step exercise guide to do with home furniture. It includes helpful video tutorials that will take your home workout to the next level.


1. Yoga

A good exercise starts with a stretch, and if you’ve ever done yoga, you’ll know that yoga itself can be quite the rigorous exercise. If you’re looking to keep the yoga moves simple, it might be worth giving Chair Yoga a try.

A helpful guide with 10 Chair Yoga moves can found by clicking here.

Or click here for a helpful video, so you can try Chair Yoga in-line with an instructor.

Recommended Furniture: Raffles Dining Chair
This chair’s solid frame with upholstered back and seat provides good stability and comfort.

Raffles Dining Chair

2. Cardio training 

Cardio is one of the best forms of exercise for losing weight and staying healthy. It’s key to having good endurance and a good step toward having a long life. 

For some, treadmills and pools are the perfect sources for home cardio, but if you happen to be one of the many people who don’t have a treadmill or pool, Chair Cardio could be the home cardio workout for you. 

Join along in this fun video to give Chair Cardio a go. 

Recommended furniture: Miranda Side Chair
This upholstered chair has the right amount of spring to make your cardio workout feel more comfortable. With no arm rests in the way, it’s makes it great for movement as well.

Miranda Side Chair

3. Strength training without free weights 

After you’ve completed the yoga and cardio exercises, strength training is the next step. It is the process of developing your muscles. 

From lunges and high-knee toe touches to inclined and declined pushups, all the way over to dips and leg lifts, strength training with furniture in your home is the perfect, simple way to get your body toned. 

Creators from Popsugar Fitness have created videos showing you how to work on strength training using a chair or a sofa. The choice is yours, both work great!

Recommended furniture: Thomas Chair, Draper Bench, Copeland Sofa
Choose the Thomas Chair for exercises like the high-knee toe touches. It has a solid seat that will support your stance. Whereas the Draper Bench and Copeland Sofa are ideal for the incline pushups.


Copeland Sofa

4. Strength training with free weights 

Hoping to get the body even more tone? Well, if you have some free weights at home, or objects that can work like free weights (such as books), then take a look at The Live Fit Girl’s video on how to exercise at home using a bench with weights. 

Recommended furniture: Starburst Chair, Lozenge Bench
Both pieces are firm and sturdy, making them very well suited to the higher intensity that free weights bring. 

Lozenge Bench

5. Stretching 

It is important to stretch after an exercise. Your body needs to cool down gradually to prevent risk of injury. It’s easy to stretch from a chair or couch, and there are so many different types of stretches you can do. Yoga moves from Step 1 could be used, or you can incorporate some new stretches, like the Couch Stretch, which is great for your hips. 

The writers at Healthline have put together a post on how to do the Couch Stretch. It’s simple but very effective. In Healthline’s example they use a chair but, believe it or not, the Couch Stretch can also be completed using a... couch (a.k.a. sofa). 

Recommended furniture: Stacey Dining Chair
Stay active and stay healthy. We hope you find these home exercise steps useful, and we wish you an amazing summer full of sun and fun.

Stacey Dining Chair


Stay active and stay healthy. We hope you find these home exercise steps useful, and we wish you an amazing summer full of sun and fun. 

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